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Pop culture, politics intersect online, an online news journal and Web log sponsored by SFSU's Center for the Integration and Improvement of Journalism (CIIJ) since last summer, has chronicled these links for 10 years with a hip, witty mix of commentary and news written in a more casual style than what is found in the mainstream press.

Student journalists get clips from class
NewsBureau, a new course that pairs journalism students with professional newspaper editors, was designed to bring fresh, young voices into professional, ANG newspaper offices.

Beyond Stereotypes: Untold Stories for Any Beat
Covering all the apects of your beat includes covering disability

New Research Shows Americans' Love-Hate Relationship with Journalism
A new study shows that Americans have a more positive, more complicated set of attitudes toward journalism than the recent wave of media criticism implies.

Journalism Students Work for Diversity
San Jose Mercury News reporters and SFSU journalism students are mentoring students at San Jose's racially diverse Willow Glen High School, in hopes of interesting students in news careers.

And It Don't Stop
Jeff Chang, author of the upcoming "Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation," raps with News Watch about hip-hop culture and politics.

Reparations Not in the News
Editorial and Letters to the Editor Supercede News Stories and Features

What Are We Still Not Getting Right?
Panel of distinguished journalists offer advice and tips on reporting on race

Suzan Shown Harjo 'Writes It Right'
Columnist Credits Her Cheyenne Heritage for Launching Her Journalism Career

Can the Hip-Hop Generation Send Dubya Packing?
Pop & Politics at UNITY: New book issues a call to the polls to America's 100 million missing voters

Watch Yourself!
Manhattan Times Reporter Stresses Need to Separate the Personal From the Professional

Reaching Back and Bringing Someone Along
Montgomery Advertiser Executive Editor talks About How to Bring About 'Good' Diversity

Journalism Education Gets Failing Grade in Diversity
Panelists give journalism educators C- to D+ for failing to teach diversity as a core journalistic value

Wanda Lloyd's Tips for Reporting on Race

Pankaj Paul Tips for Reporting on Race

Naomi Ishisaka's Tips for Reporting on Race

Michele Salcedo's Tips for Reporting on Race

Maya Blackmun's Tips for Reporting on Race

Keith Wood's Tips for Reporting on Race

Daniel Vasquez' Tips for Reporting on Race
A Quote Does Not A Perspective Make

Catalina Camla's Tips for Reporting on Race

Network News Brownout Continues: Q & A with Joseph Torres, Deputy Director of Communications and Media Policy, NAHJ
News Watch interviewed Joseph Torres, deputy director of communications and media policy for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington, D.C.

Deconstructing Reporting on HIV and AIDS
Public health professionals and veteran reporters outline common mistakes in coverage and discuss how to avoid them.

Minority hires feel the sting
Diversity is not the issue in the Jayson Blair case.

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